Tuesday, 12 May 2009

OpsMgr Health Service fails to start after applying new QFE 957123?

This week I am doing an OpsMgr 2007 deployment with ACS including Virtual Machine Manager 2008, SecureVantages packs and hopefully BridgeWays Oracle Pack.

Picture the scene.... the customer, OpsMgr console looking great with me evangelising how good it is, radio on (relaxed atmosphere) kicking out some great 80s music (Prince – Little Red Corvette if you must know) and I am as happy as can be as the mighty Blackburn Rovers have reached the magic 40 points so no relegation worry......I know, I know you all want my job....I would not swop it though for a million dollars*

And then it’s that time – time to import the IIS Management Pack. Well I am sure those of you who read the forums or have gone through the pain of trying to monitor IIS 7 using the new IIS Management Pack are aware of the “colourful” issues presented here – especially with the original release of QFE 957123, Config and SDK service failing to start anyone????? Now this was captured early by the IIS Management Pack team and a new version


So I thought no issues – great! Oh OpsMgr how you surprise me! I applied the hotfix to the RMS and guess what the OpsMgr Health Service failed to start – great and presented me with this nice error:

"The OpsMgr Health Service service terminated with service-specific error 3(0x3).

"Customer - “That will be an issue then?” Me – “Yes, don’t worry (%$#)”

So I decided to have a look at http://blogs.technet.com/smsandmom/archive/2008/04/30/opsmgr-2007-healthservice-service-fails-to-start-with-25362-warning.aspx

Sure enough this put me on the right track...so to cut a long story short , to fix:
(1) Open Registry Editor
(2) Navigate toHKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters
(3) In the State Directory (REG_SZ) key make that there is an entry to:

"drive"\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health ServiceState

Where drive is your install drive.

I hope that helps people out there!



* Disclaimer: If you do wish to offer Momski a million dollars then this site does not take any liability in him saying yes as he is not crazy!

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