Wednesday, 15 October 2008

OpsMgr 07 Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler 2.0

As you may be aware, one of the little annoyances with Operations Manager 2007 is that through the Operator console you can't schedule maintenance mode through the default menu. So when you want to put a component into maintenance then it is in this state as soon as you click ok. Now this is a problem if you work in support and have to leave at 6pm but the maintenance window is at 2am in the morning. Hopefully a future version of OpsMgr we may be able to set maintenance windows to groups by default.

In the meantime what can you ? Well there is lots of information on various forums about using a Powershell scrip to schedule a maintenance window but one of the best tools that I have come across which should be in your OpsMgr kit bag is the Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler. Version 2 has just been released and can be downloaded from This really is a great tool by Tim McFadden - great work.

The Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler is a GUI based tool that lets administrators easily schedule maintenance mode for a server or group of servers inside System Center Operations Manager 2007.

New Features in version 2.0 include:
  • Ability to schedule a daily maintenance mode.
  • New Show Scheduled Tasks Dialog.
  • Added feature to see all details for scheduled jobs.
  • Added feature to delete scheduled jobs

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