Thursday, 9 October 2008

General diagnostics and tuning Management Pack

I get a lot of questions similar to "I think my OpsMgr deployment is healthy but how do I make sure?". Well usually I would say start with the Operations Manager event log on the RMS for any obvious errors, check that no errors are showing in relation to database communication problems, on the agent side check that agent proxying is set for those agents which require it etc....but reading Ian Blyth's blog the other day I came across a management pack from Walter Chomak which can be used to check an environment for general health and Management Pack Tuning. In summary it will check for
  • Agent Failover Events
  • Agent Proxying Needs to be Enabled
  • Data Warehouse Connectivity Issues
  • Database connectivity lost
  • Failed to connect to computer
  • Health Service Heartbeat Failure
  • Missed Heartbeats
  • Missing Perfmon Counters
  • Processing Backlogged Event Taking a Long Time
  • Script or Executable Failed to run
  • Services or Drivers failed to start
  • System Shutdown detected
  • Unexpected Service Terminations

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