Friday, 5 September 2008

Service Level Dashboard for Operations Manager 2007

As we know Operations Manager 2007 can really help an organisation proactively monitor their infrastructure from a service point of view. One Management Pack which I definitely recommend as part of a service focused Operations Manager 2007 deployment is the Service Level Dashboard Management Pack. It is simple to deploy and links into with your existing Line of Business designs which you will have created in the Distributed Application Designer (to show them is as easy as using an Override to include them...which is good if you have already designed a few). It then allows you to generate business orientated reports which clearly show from a dashboard point of view whether core services are meeting their SLAs and whether, maybe, Service Improvement Programs (SIPs) need to be initiated. Basic overview is:

As you can see this is a great Management Pack and should be definitely in your deployment toolkit :-)

The Management Pack was originally released a couple of months ago but a new version was released at the end of August which uses summary reports based on Dundas Gauges and really makes the reports look a lot better then the early version.

It can be downloaded at

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