Monday, 8 September 2008

Citrix XenApp Management Pack released but upgrade issues

To coincide with the release of XenApp 5.0 (the new name for Presentation Server), Citrix have released a new version of the Presentation Server/XenApp Management pack. I know a lot of people out there who are finding issues with the original Citrix Presentation Server 4.0/4.5 Management Pack and have issues with it's scripts and functionality so I thought that I would try the new version out in a lab environment. In order to replicate the environment which many of you will have I decided to import the old version of the pack and then import the new version...........BUT although the Management Pack import wizard detects the new version, on import, I get this error:

It looks like the task LaunchAMCConsole is not upgrade compatible...whoops!

So at the moment to upgrade you need to remove the old MP which means that if you have any customisations these will also need to be removed. I am sure Citrix will fix this issue soon!


Ian said...

Citrix does not have a great record on fixing issues with their MP so I would not hold your breath!


Alton said...

Hi John,

There were changes on Longhorn related to the LaunchAMCConsole task that were incompatible with the previously released management packs. However, the problem of upgrading previously released management packs is an issue that we are currently looking into.

Thanks for highlighting the issue.

Alton Taylor
Software Engineer
Citrix Product Development