Thursday, 14 August 2008

Updated Dell Management Packs - Version 3.1, A01

Dell last week released updated versions of their hardware management packs with seperate packs now available for:

  • Dell Server and Printers
  • Dell Clients including Optiplex, Precision and Latitude
  • Dell Storage Array

Please remember that the managment packs effectively "plug-in" via the Dell OpenManage (v5.4 and above) software via SNMP and so this must be configured correctly or you might not get the correct alert information.

Updated MP's can be found here -

IMPORTANT - There have been issues with the Dell Management Pack and the native SNMP modules withing Operations Manager 2007 SP1. The Dell Management Pack uses SNMP discovery and so before you deploy these management pack(s) you must install the latest SNMP related hotfix for Operations Manager 2007 SP1 or Essentials 2007 SP1 or you might find that your RMS becomes unstable. This hotfix can be found here:

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