Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Update - Updated Dell Management Pack Version 3.1, A01 - New bug?!

Last week I wrote about the update to the Dell Management Pack. Reading Kevin Holman's blog it looks he has had a bit of "fun" deploying it and this article is definitely worth a read before you deploy as it looks like he has discovered a new bug with Version 3.1, A01. The bug is in relation to the discovery scripts and it looks like this new version will only detect servers with Dell OpenManage 5.3 and not the newer version version 5.4 servers get dumped into the unknown group in the Monitoring view in the console. I am sure Dell will rectify this with an updated release in the coming days or I hope so the mean time I will be checking Kevin's blog for updates.

As I always say, however much you think reading the management pack guides is as exciting as watching paint dry you should do it as they do contain useful information in the marketing fluff which can save you a lot of scratching your head! :-)

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