Friday, 22 August 2008

MPViewer 1.7 - View sealed Management Packs

This week I have been delivering another Operations Manager 2007 course in London and as part of it we look at some of the tools which Operations Manager administrators could use to help them.

If you have not come across MPViewer 1.7 before it should be part of your Operations Manager 2007 tool kit as it allows you to view the various components of a sealed or unsealed management packs. So you can see its discoveries, monitors, rules etc etc. Another great thing is that we can see the actual xml code used by the management pack so it can help you trouble shoot why, for example, a discovery script is not working or even help you to start looking at designing management packs in xml. Another feature is that you can export the management pack to html so you have a ready made report of it's contents for documentation.

It can be found via Boris Yanushpolsky's blog -

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