Monday, 7 April 2008

Operations Manager 2007 - Deployment, Installation & Advanced Service Monitoring Training

Hi All,

Just to let you know I will be the trainer of the first Operations Manager 2007 courses to be held officially in the UK. More information can be found at This is a 5 day course which consists of the following:

Part One

The first part (2 days) concentrates on Operations Manager 2007 Deployment and Configuration. The aim here to enable you to understand and position the need for Operations Manager 2007 within your organisation and to make sure that the core elements are deployed and configured properly.

Day 1
  • The evolvement of need for Operations Manager 2007
  • Positioning scenarios for Operations Manager 2007 (Where, Why and how does it fit?)
  • Core Components in detail
  • Key Accounts and Services
  • Enterprise Security Reporting and Compliancy overview
  • Scenario based Architecture Planning
  • Operations Manager 2007 installation
  • MOM 2005 migration strategies
  • Service Definition Modelling

Day 2

This day focuses on the installation of core management packs (rules), tuning best practices and alert notification:

  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Microsoft Base Operating System Monitoring
  • Active Directory Monitoring
  • Exchange Monitoring
  • SQL Monitoring
  • Tuning best practices
  • Notification

Part Two

Part 2 (2 days) builds on the key concepts of deployment and core monitoring taught in part 1 and looks to take this further by showing how we can add context to monitoring resulting in representative environment service monitoring:

Day 3

  • Operations Manager 2007 project management considerations
  • Line Of Business Service modelling
  • Reporting
  • Management Pack Components
  • Management Pack Templates
  • Custom Management Pack creation
  • Self Tuning Thresholds
  • Diagnostics and Recovery
  • Management Packs and Change Management

Day 4

This day deals with advanced production monitoring scenarios; particularly the monitoring of non Microsoft technologies, network devices, advanced Line of Business design and finishes with backup and disaster recovery concepts:

  • Linux, Solaris, Cisco and VMWare Virtual Center Monitoring
  • VMWare Monitoring
  • Oracle Monitoring
  • Blackberry Monitoring
  • Advanced Line of Business Design
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Part Three

Part 3 (1 day) is an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you have learnt in parts 1 and 2 with the use of scenario based case studies.

Day 5

  • Review from a Project Management perspective
  • Review of architecture design and scenario based case study
  • Management pack review and scenario based case study
  • Service monitoring review and scenario based case study
  • Non Microsoft services and scenario based case study
  • Free time to revisit labs and ask questions

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