Saturday, 23 February 2008

Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RTM released!

Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RTM has been released and can be downloaded at

General availability of SP1 will be on Monday 25th.

The package contains steps and instructions for upgrading to SP1 - Please read!

The upgrade provides the following enhancements:
  • Improved Console Performance (Good news, no more 'laggy' console experience)

  • Increased Scale limits (Not sure exactly what yet but will find out)

  • Disaster Recovery Solution for all Operations Manager Roles (I hope this includes the recovery of Operations Manager 2007 Reporting Services - I had lots of issues with trying to restore Reporting Services alone with RTM when the management group had already been installed)

  • Supported in place upgrade from RTM to SP1

On that note here is a supported upgrade diagram:

As promised as long as you are running SP1 RC Eval then upgrading is supported (I know many of you will already be running this)

I will post back with my my experiences of the upgrade...hopefully they will all be positive.

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